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Tap & go with Mastercard®

There’s a swift and convenient way to pay when you shop, eat and now, transit.

Beat the queue with on-the-go and auto top-ups.

Just tap & go with Mastercard.

Here’s a summary of what your cards are capable of:


  Krungthai Metro Link+


AEON Rabbit Platinum

Be1st Smart Rabbit
LINE Pay Mastercard®

Tap & go payment
MRT stations    
BTS stations  
Mobile top-up
Auto top-up    
Debit card  
Credit card    
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Find out more

Find out more


Just tap & go with Mastercard

Pay with peace of mind every time.

Our safety and security features protect you whenever you tap & go.

Your card never leaves your hands.

Card in Hand

When you tap & go to make purchases, you're always in control.

Extra security for higher spends.

Sign signature

Sign after you tap, to authorise higher value purchases.

No worries if you tap by accident.

Tap card terminal

You'll only be charged once even if you tap your card more than once.

Explore our safety & security features further

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