Kyoto Morning Tour

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This experience is perfect for those who naturally rise in the early morning, or for those who just want to have a unique experience and don't mind getting up early for it. This can also be an amazing way to take advantage of your jet lag! 

The trip starts at the world famous Fushimi Inari Shrine at a special time to see this amazing place. There are thousands of red gates which line the path up the hillside. With the low early light casting long shadows, you can get some truly fantastic photos before all the crowds arrive. After that you make your way to Kiyomizu Temple to see the amazing World Heritage temple and #1 temple in Japan before the busses start to unload.

This is a magical time to see the amazing temple complex and get a view of the city coming to life below and it is rare in that the temple opens so early for our enjoyment. You then make the journey across town to Arashiyama to see the beautiful bamboo grove which, if you are lucky, will still be relatively quiet and great for getting some fantastic photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Before leaving Arashiyama, if there is time, you make a visit to one of the most beautiful zen temples in Kyoto, Tenryuji Temple - a world heritage site with a radiant garden. This is truly a special place to draw a close to the tour. Along the way insights are provided about Buddhism, Japanese garden design, history and more.

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